Response to Intervention (RtI) Plans

for Reading

Student Grouping

Making sure that students are placed in the correct intervention is key to their success. We examine your assessment data, administer additional assessments if needed, and group students based on their needs and what your school’s schedule allows.


Intervention Set-up and Implementation

We work with teachers to unpack their intervention materials, set up their classrooms, and begin implementation of their research-based intervention.

RtI Plans for Reading

Review Assessment Data

To start, we will review student assessment data (formative and summative) to see where students are struggling.

Group Students

We use the data to group students by need. Factored into this step is the number of intervention teachers and period you have available in your schedule.


Examine Intervention Options

We examine your intervention options to make sure they address the needs of your students.

Coach Teachers on Interventions

If your teachers need help with intervention implementation, we help with room set-up, program overview, and planning.