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We support teachers, leaders, and tutors with weekly PLCs and self-paced professional development focused on the implementation of evidence-based literacy practices in
grades PreK-12.


We are happy to be a Maryland Leads Program Partner for the following areas:

Our Partners:

Our PD is different.

We break down complex literacy practices into bite-sized implementation steps.
We give teachers time to share successes and troubleshoot with peers.

Teachers leave our 8- and 12-week learning cycles with a community of peers they can
turn to for continued support.

We are built by former district administrators, classroom teachers,

and reading specialists.

Our Professional Development:

Literacy Masterminds:
Weekly Virtual PLCs on
High-impact Literacy Practices

Asynchronous Professional

Starts at $1150 per participant.
Cohort pricing available for groups of 20.

Starts at $127 per participant.
Discounts available for 5+ registrants.

Check out what people are saying!

The best thing about Literacy Masterminds is learning the science and the WHY behind everything we were learning. Having the tools and deliverables to immediately implement and do the work with our students has been so helpful. I would absolutely recommend Literacy Masterminds to a colleague who wanted to grow in their understanding and practice of teaching kids how to read!

Sarah P.

Director of Primary, Detroit Prep

Literacy Masterminds have helped me really hone in on the phonemic awareness and all of the arms of teaching literacy! I have a small group template that I can use and update weekly for individual students and my small groups. I felt supported by my facilitators and my team that I worked with! I learned quite a bit including how the brain works when students are learning letters and sounds! I’ve been ignited!

Candace B.

First Grade Teacher, Detroit Prep

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