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Building Skilled Readers with Structured Literacy Routines is the professional learning series for schools seeking to bridge the gap between literacy theory and classroom implementation.


Comprising 17 modules with both asynchronous coursework and monthly synchronous sessions, this course emphasizes the practical implementation of evidence-based literacy practices.

Unlike other courses that focus solely on theoretical concepts, this training provides actionable routines for phonemic awareness, decoding, morphology, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing.

Gain access to extensive resources and real-time support to ensure you have everything you need to immediately apply effective routines in your classroom.

This course covers the following topics:

Building Skilled Readers with Structured Literacy Routines Features:

Bite-sized lessons

that offer step-by-step breakdowns on specific literacy routines

Instructor-led synchronous sessions

that are fun, engaging, and personal


Informative videos

 to demonstrate key concepts

Practical tips and tools

that are evidence-based and ready to bring to the classroom


Discussion boards,

assignments, and feedback opportunities for extra support and peer collaboration


Additional resources

and readings centered around best practices and strategies for literacy instruction

Built by reading specialists, dyslexia practitioners, classroom teachers,
and former district administrators.

And with 12 months of unlimited access, teachers can rewatch and reference course lessons and tutorials as needed.

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Feedback on our PD:

I have thoroughly enjoyed every single part of this course. It was very clear, concise and had the most applicable exercises. I loved that the quiz happened at the end of each section. I also appreciated that the instructor responded to some of the comments in the discussion section.

This course was very helpful for a 1st year Prek-K special education teacher. I liked how there was a lesson/video then a description of how I can do different activities that address the different skills.

I enjoyed all of the activities and information. It was very helpful and useful. I will be putting this information to use right away in my classroom. This course was amazing!

I appreciated the many different example activities that were provided.

Thanks for giving me a refresher course in PA and giving some great activities that were both reflective and helpful.

I think the course well organized and engaging.

I appreciated the way clear, concrete instructional strategies are explained and demonstrated in this session.

These courses were extremely valuable and I recommend these course for ECE through 2nd grade!

I appreciated that this course broke down all the parts for phonological awareness and gave real world examples of how to practice the skills, both in-person and virtually.

Thank you for delivering the content in engaging ways for multiple learning styles.

The course clearly outlined best ways to help students learn all parts of letters, as well as things to avoid and activities that help make learning letters more multi-sensory. I appreciated the way there were built in activities to help apply this work to students immediately.

I truly enjoyed this course. The content is useful, the pacing is appropriate. The engagement level and expectations for activities is fair and applicable to current instruction. Highly recommend for all teachers of ELA, not just early literacy teachers. There is much to learn at the higher grade level also.

 We all know how important phonological awareness and phonemic awareness are to written language acquisition. But how to implement it, the sequence to follow, the inclusion of multisensory activities, and the monitoring of progress are elements that are explained in very complicated ways by many different companies, entities, and institutions.

This course is simple but in depth. The concepts are clarified and the strategies are explained in a way that makes them accessible to everyone. You have demonstrated that these are not complicated issues. Or better said, these are important issues that can be solved with a systematic and consistent set of activities. You explained the logic behind it, and the importance of family involvement. Thanks!

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