What if you could provide your teachers with the exact literacy professional development they need – so you could see a substantial change in your students’ reading and writing success?


Literacy Masterminds

Finally, a PD solution that aligns with the research on adult learning.
Our flipped approach to professional development uses a mix of weekly PLC meetings and asynchronous learning to provide teachers with the time and space to:
adapt strategies to their classroom,
collaborate with grade-level peers,
and work towards full implementation of literacy routines that align with the science of reading.

The Literacy Architects' professional learning cycle: Learn, Collaborate, Teach, Reflect

Our PD provides an engaging and effective alternative to
one-stop, sit-and-get PD to help teachers incorporate
evidence-based instructional routines into their daily instruction.


In a group
, teachers participate in weekly live Zoom calls with the course instructors and are given access to step-by-step implementation plans so that key literacy routines are fully integrated into their class curriculum.


On their own, teachers log onto our platform weekly to watch short and engaging PD videos that are digestible, manageable, and only teach the most recent strategies and relevant sources of information.

They’ll also complete readings, participate in discussions, and receive assignments that include planning lessons and trying strategies with students.

 We break down high-impact literacy routines into bite-sized steps to try each week, leading to full implementation of:

*A five-part structured literacy lesson (grades K-2)
*A multi-day fluency routine for whole class, partner, and independent time (grades 3-12)
*A five-step advanced decoding routine for multisyllabic words (grades 3-12)


See what teachers are saying about Literacy Masterminds!

“It was really helpful to have a concrete plan about how to teach fluency when time is already scarce as it is. It truly makes me really excited and pumped to get started and move my kids.”

“Great to connect with colleagues about real challenges and generate potential next steps in such a short amount of time.”

“The time to adapt what we are learning about to our own specific circumstances was useful, as well as the support provided as we worked.”

“It was helpful to talk specifically with colleagues about their classroom experiences — seeing the learning put into action is inspiring!”

“This program has really helped me to build my skillset to teach phonics to upper elementary since there are huge learning gaps I see on a day to day basis. I feel way more confident now in my ability to teach and identify phonics gaps. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone looking to gain more insight about foundational learning skills and the Science of Reading. This has been the most responsive program I have EVER done.”

Our weekly PLCs are right for your school or district if . . .

  • You have teachers who never received training on foundational reading instruction and want to know more about the role this plays in your students becoming skilled readers.
  • Your teachers aren’t sure what to do with the reading assessment data they’re being asked to collect.
  • Your teachers are tired of sitting through typical large-group PD sessions and crave a small group approach to adult learning that supports them through implementation of new strategies.
  • Your teachers could benefit from more support on implementation, a place to ask questions, connect with grade-level peers, and see lasting results from their PD hours.
  • Your school has a high teacher to literacy coach ratio, making it difficult for the literacy coach to provide all teachers with regular support.

One-stop, large group PD isn’t enough.

Whether within a district or across school classrooms, students’ ability to access targeted literacy instruction depends on the teacher’s knowledge of evidence-based literacy instruction and the teacher’s access to implementation support.

Although the solution is to provide PD — large-group PD often comes with challenges:

  • Participants may not have time to have their questions answered in a group setting.
  • Participants have limited opportunities to submit assignments and receive tailored feedback.
  • The learnings are not grade-specific or fail to account for students’ specific needs.
  • Participants aren’t provided with meaningful support on how to implement the PD strategies with their students.

Literacy Masterminds is a more manageable way for teachers to access evidence-based literacy strategies, receive support, collaborate with their peers, and ultimately implement their learnings in their classrooms.

Comparison - One-stop, large group PD isn’t enough.

Five topics, each focusing on a
different high-impact literacy routine:

Building the Foundation: Phonemic Awareness

Learn how to assess for gaps in phonemic awareness and use this information to make data-based decisions. By the end of this series, you’ll learn how to select and implement targeted phonemic awareness routines and scaffold them to support your students’ needs.

Moving from Letter Knowledge to Blending

Learn a variety of blending strategies to support your students in making the jump between sound-by-sound decoding and fluent word reading. You’ll learn how to administer and analyze diagnostic decoding assessments and use this information to scaffold instruction for your beginning readers. 

Structured Literacy for All

Develop an understanding of how the brain learns to read and spell. By the end of this series, you will be able to administer and analyze diagnostic assessments to plan lessons that include the components of structured literacy, including connected phonemic awareness and phonics instruction and explicit decoding and encoding routines. 

Multisyllabic Words

Learn how to target student needs by planning and teaching a structured literacy lesson focused on multisyllabic words. By the end of this series, you’ll learn how to explicitly introduce syllable and morphology concepts and how to design application activities to help students read multisyllabic words in connected text.

Accelerating reading growth with fluency routines

Learn about the components of fluency, how to evaluate oral reading fluency, and how to analyze assessment data to understand a student’s accuracy, rate, and prosody. By the end of this series, you’ll be able to use this information to plan fluency instruction in the whole group, small group, and independent settings. 

William S.

Dallas ISD

Very easy to understand and a great breakdown.

Rachel R.

Dallas ISD

As a secondary teacher, I’ve never taught syllables or vowel sounds. This was entirely new learning that I enjoyed.

Kate R.

Dallas ISD

I enjoyed this mix of in-person and individual learning. It provided me with a better understanding of how to teach foundational literacy (phonics) to middle schoolers. I feel better prepared and confident about how to approach this instruction for my struggling readers.

The asynchronous lessons were organized and allowed me to work on them as I had time. The content was beneficial and helped me understand how I can help struggling readers.

Candace B.

1st grade teacher

I am Candace B., and I am currently teaching first grade. Literacy Masterminds have helped me really hone in on the phonemic awareness and all of the arms of teaching literacy! I have a small group template that I can use and update weekly for individual students and my small groups. I felt supported by my facilitators and my team that I worked with! I learned quite a bit, including how the brain works when students are learning letters and sounds! I’ve been ignited!

Sarah P.

Director of Primary

The best thing about Literacy Masterminds is learning the science and the WHY behind everything we were learning. Having the tools and deliverables to immediately implement and do the work with our students has been so helpful. I would absolutely recommend Literacy Masterminds to a colleague who wanted to grow in their understanding and practice of teaching kids how to read!

Maggie W.

High School Multilingual Education Consultant

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