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Six Syllable Types

Watch a short overview of the six syllable types of the English language and learn about the frequency of each. This knowledge can be helpful for students who are learning how to tackle multisyllabic words.

​Multisensory Vowel Motions

Vowels can be confusing! For students who have difficulty remembering the short sound that each vowel makes, hand motions such as the ones shown in this video may be helpful. This is one of the many strategies we offer elementary school teachers in our PD courses to help them address student needs. 

Principles of Structured Literacy

What is structured literacy? In this video, we talk about the four principles of structured literacy: explicit, systematic, diagnostic, cumulative. These principles are the basis for all of our professional development and are important to understand as you’re learning about the science of reading. (And if you want more, download our free structured literacy lesson plan template here!)


Our videos and associated PD provide concise and valuable insights, empowering educators to enhance their literacy teaching skills and make a lasting impact in the classroom. 
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