Advanced Decoding

Duration: 12 weeks

This course is for you if you teach students who can decode CVC words, but struggle to read multisyllabic words — impacting their overall reading fluency.

Target Audience

3rd12th grade teachers

Next Cohort: TBD

Advanced decoding

Course Details

Weekly PLC Meetings on Zoom

12 weeks

In this Literacy Masterminds™ 12-week PD series, you will learn how to systematically target students’ needs in the area of multisyllabic word decoding. This series will equip you with an understanding of the six syllable types, syllable division patterns, as well as specific prompts to support students that struggle to read multisyllabic words.


Here is what you get with this course:


Twelve weeks of PLC meetings (on Zoom) to collaborate and troubleshoot with other teachers


Eleven on-your-own-learning modules to learn more about key instructional strategies


Twelve weeks of optional office hours to receive additional support with implementation


This course is right for you if . . .


You hear yourself saying, “Sound it out!,” or, “Break it apart!” when students struggle with a multisyllabic word, but don’t know what other prompts might be helpful.


You have students who struggle to read multisyllabic words, but you aren’t sure how to efficiently target the skills they need to be successful.


You’re tired of trying to piece together strategies on your own through Facebook groups and Instagram, and want to take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of multisyllabic word instruction taught by experienced reading specialists.


You don’t feel secure in your knowledge of syllable types, syllable division patterns, or basic morphology concepts.

You want to get the most out of the data you have, and fill in the missing gaps so you can give students exactly what they need.
You’re ready to design and implement structured literacy lessons that include the explicit introduction of a syllable or morphology concept and application to reading words, phrases, and connected text.

You want to learn and share ideas with a community of teachers whose students have similar concerns.


What Teachers Are Saying

Maggie Ward testimonial

Maggie W.

High School Multilingual Education Consultant

Advanced Decoding

Cassandra Wanna testimonial

Cassandra W.

3rd Grade Teacher

Advanced Decoding

Very clear explanation of the six syllable types and built importance for how this can be used for educators of 3rd grade +
Loved the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues today about our goals and practical ways to apply this learning to the classroom.
I didn’t know all the final syllables, so it was helpful to see them all listed out. I’m realizing that final syllables show up often in Tier 3 HS content area vocab words, so these will likely be a high leverage item to use in vocab exercises.
Really grateful for the opportunity to share my dilemmas and get feedback and solution-oriented suggestions.
Very informative about syllable types! Also useful to learn about the purposes for silent e (besides VCe) — I have taught some of those rules to students, but never presented all of them together like that and I feel like that information is critical for both decoding and encoding.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this course include?

Our Literacy Masterminds include weekly 75-minute synchronous PLC meetings, weekly asynchronous on-your-own-learning modules, and weekly office hours with reading specialists.

For how long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the on-your-own-learning course modules for six months. 

Will the live sessions be recorded?

No, the weekly Mastermind Meetings will not be recorded. Our weekly meetings are filled with lots of time for participants to talk, collaborate, and troubleshoot instructional concerns and to maintain privacy, these conversations are not recorded. If you need to miss a week, let us know and we can work with you to catch you up!

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! Please contact us for information at


I am an administrator and am considering purchasing this course for my teachers. Where can I find more information?

If you would like to preview the course content, please contact us at to set up a meeting.


Can I get PD credit for this course?

After completing the course (all lessons, including any discussion posts and assignments), we will issue a certificate of completion. We are a TEA approved CPE provider for Texas. However, since every state and district has different requirements for PD credit, this certificate does not guarantee that you will be granted credit by your district or state.



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