Online Courses

If you enjoyed your TCP literacy courses, check out the full versions that go into more detail about
student engagement and creating videos for asynchronous instruction.

Since some of the lessons overlap with the TCP material, Community Partnerships schools can receive a
special discount of 40% on our distance learning courses.
(Use the code TEACP at checkout.)

To purchase a course or find out more information, click here.

Preschool Parent Videos

If you watched our course on Synchronous and Asynchronous Literacy Instruction in Preschool, you saw samples of our parent videos. Each day, a new video will be emailed to parents providing them with instructions for an asynchronous activity that they can do with their child at home.  

Contact us for more information to discuss how to integrate our parent videos into your asynchronous instructional plan.

TEKS Unpacked

If you watched our Unpacking the Standards course, you caught a glimpse of our unpacking resource.  Our TEKS Unpacked resource book has academic vocabulary, aligned questions, conversation frames, and graphic organizers developed for each TEKS SE. Get on the waiting list here!