Supporting Virtual Learning

We’ve added the services below to support schools and districts during this time of remote and hybrid instruction. Please contact us for more information. In addition, follow this link to view and download our simple one-pager containing ideas for virtual instruction.

Professional Development on Creating Asynchronous Learning Experiences
We offer training on resources such as Screencast-o-matic, Edpuzzle, and PowerPoint (or Google Slides) and review tips and tricks to creating strong and engaging videos for asynchronous ELAR instruction. 

Creating (or co-planning) Online Curriculum
We can take your existing curricular resources and adapt them for online learning, creating videos of mini-lessons and close reading demonstrations for students to watch and online assignments for students to complete via Google Docs/Google Forms.  If your teachers are already engaged in this work, we can support them by co-planning instruction with them.

Initial and Ongoing PD on Using Zoom
Our virtual PD sessions include the following:

  • Intro to Zoom
  • Using Virtual Breakout Rooms for Small Group Instruction
  • Planning Virtual ELAR Instruction
  • Differentiation and Assessment in the Online Setting

Check out our Resources page to see some of our recorded webinars!

Coaching Teachers on Improving the Delivery of Synchronous Online Instruction

        For teachers who need assistance using your district’s selected livestreaming platform for synchronous instruction, we offer 1:1 coaching to increase their comfort level with technology.

    Similar to in-person literacy coaching, we talk to the teacher about their growth goals, observe instruction (as a participant in virtual classes), and debrief to plan next steps. We can also co-teach or model lessons over your selected platform by joining their synchronous session. Coaching can also include “practice” sessions in which teachers practice hosting and delivering an online lesson before teaching students.